A Moment If You Please [#96]  - Click for previous

A moment, if you please? Moments can be short. Moments can be long. There are moments of joy. Moments of sorrow. Moments of passion. Moments you'll never forget. Moments you've already forgotten. Moments you didn't get. There are awkward moments. Senior moments. Moments of truth and momentary lapses in judgment. People who ask for a moment. Share a moment. I need a moment. You got a moment? Hey, wait a moment. You can take a moment. Make a moment. Spoil a moment. If all the stars line in just the right moment, that moment can be perfect. Moments can define you. Moments can delight you, and moments can change your life.

Here's to the moment and squeezing all you can out of every, last, single one of them. Pursue the moment

Poem written by Glen Hunt

Camera: Nikon D50
Lens: Nikkor 50mm F16/1.4
Exposure: n/a
ISO: 1600