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Pictured above is the old Merriton Tunnel built by the Grand Trunk Railway company, better known to many as the Blue Ghost Tunnel. This giant 713 foot passage was constructed in 1875 as a more efficient way of crossing the third Welland Canal. The mighty tunnel only housed one track and as a result, it was decommissioned and left abandoned in 1915. This past weekend I decided to make a visit to the hidden tunnel and was quickly shocked and upset to discover that after one hundred and twenty three years of existence, the entrance had been sealed off with a concrete wall. What if this was done to the Coliseum in Rome, or Stonehenge in England - what about Ellis Island or Alcatraz? This tunnel as with any historical landmark of our past and should not be disfigured in anyway.

Camera: Pentax ME Super
Lens: Pentax 50mm F22/2
Exposure: N/A
ISO: 200
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