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This is my 100th post on Farmfive, and I thought that it would be the most fitting to dedicate it to Canada's 140th birthday as all of the photos have been taken in Canada.

The Canadian Peace Tower is a miraculous structure that took eight years to complete (1919 - 1927). It replaced the smaller Victoria tower that was destroyed by a fire in 1916. This tower stands 92 metres into the air with close to 200 sculptures (including gargoyles), that were hand crafted in the neo-gothic style. There is an observation deck just below the clock face that overlooks the city of Ottawa. Few people actually know that it houses the very first inclined elevator in Canada that operates on a nine degree angle. Exactly 80 years ago a large crowd gathered at Parliament Hill as Canada officially dedicated the Peace Tower (including the Memorial Chamber and Carillon), to the memory of the service and sacrifice during the First World War.

Camera: Nikon D50
Lens: Nikkor 50mm F16/1.4
Exposure: 1/125sec at F13
ISO: 200
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