Osgoode's Perimeter [#41]  - Click for previous

This is the top of the artful fence that surrounds the six-acre area of Osgoode Hall. When the Osgoode Hall was built in 1828, it was situated on the scarcely populated north-west boundry of the city, and is now in the middle of downtown Toronto. The ornate iron fence was completed in 1868 and was commonly referred to as the "cow-gates". Gates similar to this one were erected to keep animals (Cattle, etc.) away from the area. During the second world war the government had plans to demolish the wall and establish a more traditional wooded picket fence to guard the perimeter. The citizens of Toronto stongly disagreed, and to this day the fence still guards the Osgoode Hall as it did back in 1868.

Camera: Pentax ME Super
Lens: Pentax 50mm F22/2
ISO: 200